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Athletic Training

This Athletic Training Policies and Procedure Manual is a guide for the operation of the Athletic Training Program within the department of Athletics at Compton College. The Athletic Training Room (ATR) is a place where the student-athlete can get medical advice on specific conditions by a Certified Athletic Trainer(s) and/or Team Physician. Additionally, the athletic training room may be utilized as a clinical education site for students admitted into an accredited athletic training program or expressing an interest in athletic training.   

Injuries are an everyday part of athletic participation and competition. The Certified Athletic Trainer(s) and the Athletic Training Team working along with the administration, coaches and student-athletes can greatly reduce the frequency and severity of these athletic injuries. “A Certified Athletic Trainer is concerned with the well-being of the athlete and generally assumes the responsibility for overseeing the total health care for the athlete and the athletic program.” (Arnheim)  Following the expert medical care of the Athletic Training Team can greatly reduce the number of injuries, but it cannot eliminate injuries.

The Certified Athletic Trainer(s) works under the directed supervision of a physician with an unrestricted license. The Certified Athletic Trainers’ role can be divided into six major areas or performance domains: (1) prevention of athletic injuries (2) clinical evaluation and diagnosis of athletic injuries; (3) immediate care of athletic injuries; (4) treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of athletic injuries; (5) organization and administration and; (6) professional responsibilities.

We are dedicated to the concept that the ultimate welfare of the student-athlete is our prime responsibility.